Friday, July 11, 2014

Dentist & Farm

Austin had a dentist appointment on Monday, and I was SOOOOO proud of her.  She let them do the top and bottom this time, and was such a great patient! I was so worried about her teeth, but her dentist said that they looked great!
On Tuesday, Gammy and Pepaw came and we went to the farm that afternoon to spend the night. Bennett was so excited to be on the farm with Daddy!
A little Coke never hurt anybody... :)
We had to wait on Ben to work on a pump on a pond for over an hour, so by this point we were a little grouchy. And shirtless from spilling Coke.  :)
It amazes me how much this boy LOVES the farm!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, Parker!

We have been so blessed to be able to live close to this family!  We met through church, and have become such good friends.  I seriously don't know what we would've done without each other the last couple of years!  We have traded off babysitting more times that we can try to begin to count.  Austin and Thomas are big buddies.  We celebrated Parker's 1 year birthday on Saturday!  It was whale and water themed, and it was so cute and fun!  The kids had a blast!!
Henry was there so he and Bennett hung together...
This blow up water slide was DEFINITELY a hit. My kids loved it, even if Bennett wouldn't go down the correct way. He kept walking up it backwards.
Thomas has gotten to be such a big boy lately. :( It's a little sad.
Everyone was cracking up because my kids knew how to pose for a pic. Haha!
The food table, and there was also pizza!
The cake was so good! I may or may not have pigged out on pizza and cake.
Love these 2!
Parker and his crew! :) (Minus Henry, who refused to be in the pic.)
Happy 1st birthday, Parker!!